Stelena has always been associated with pureness and independence and respect. Delena has been associated with toxicity and codependency, and that was, like, yesterday.

A lot of things have shaken their relationship but Stefan and Elena still managed to be the center of everything.

I didn’t watch live until S4, and without the outside influence, I felt nothing but indifference towards Delena because I knew that it would always end up with Stelena. It is as simple as paying attention to what they literally spell out for you.

The writing may be shitty and lazy right now but the fact that Damon and Elena just don’t work and are bad for each other has been repetitive. It’s not for nothing.

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"Well, crazy or not, that kind of love never dies."
Klaus about Stelena
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X quote X SIGH

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Anonymous said:
please tell me you won't be watching season 6 after that abysmal promo  

Oh dear, to be honest I’ve avoided it because of comments like this one, that and TVD promos have a way of making me unnecessarily annoyed so I don’t watch them if I can help it, which usually I can. But to answer your question, I’ll probably watch S6 for as long as I can while skipping over the Damon and Elena stuff, the same way I’ve watched every season now post S3. 

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Spread this guys!!!


Spread this guys!!!

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What is love to you?”. “Never giving up”.
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Who won't sign their contract??????  

All three of them have brought up leaving semi recently so it could be anyone but since Ian, I think, was rumoured to have said that S6 was his last at this past Comic Con, I’d say him? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was all three of them, or two of them wanting to get out. You could just barely take one out but not two. If this season takes the viewership loss that last season took, I’d be shocked if it continued on for another. But we’ll see.

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"We always said in the pilot it’s a girl who feels dead inside and a boy who is dead inside and how they bring each other back to life."

Julie says TVD’s premise was the girl that loses parents, feels dead inside, meets undead boy, they bring each other to life. “You want to be able to say ‘This is a show about this thing’ and at end of show, you have to set up how that will work again and again.”

With both Stefan and Elena mourning the death of Damon and Bonnie, and season 6 being described as a 'reset'… is this the opportunity of resetting the premise of the show? Where everything comes full circle?..

Just a thought/something to think about.

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My darling what did you expect? I probably still adore you. With your hands around my neck. Or I did last time I checked

thanks for the caps  limouse.

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Anonymous said:
How do you want stefan and elena to get back together ?  


Very slowly with lots of angst. :) I want there to be a build up, where they’re both single and both have feelings but won’t give into them for different reasons. And eventually they just can’t hold back anymore because they need to be together.

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